Rob Zombie Pinball – What! mode overview

“Get your ass to Red Hot P@#$% Liquors”

Tonight’s overview is What! mode. This is another main select-able mode. Shooting left orbit into the VUK, What! is the third main mode of five. Currently What! has two side modes to complete. RHPL and the Captain Spaulding hurry-up. Each with their own inserts.

Once the mode starts you are now playing in the upper play-field. This isn’t as easy as you would think. Even the original version with lane guides (which I still have), you can still fail this mode. With the removal of the lane guides, its a bit harder.

Your screen has 3 buckets of chicken on the left and 3 gas cans on the right that are greyed out. You have to complete the lanes 3 times. You are then taunted by Spaulding, which you’ll need to bash him 3 times. Progressively getting hard each time you beat the mode. Bash him three times, then shoot the gate. Drop out of the upper play-field and into the secret passage area to claim a quick jackpot and beat the mode. Exiting the upper play-field prior to beating this mode, fails the mode. So you’ll need to restart it.

Coming out of the inner right orbit two more modes are active. RHPL and the Spaulding hurry up.

Shoot the right orbit to complete RHPL. You get 20 seconds to complete it. Shoot the center ramp to put 20 seconds back on the clock. Once your time runs out, you need to complete What! again to reactivate.

Spaulding hurry-up is the left orbit. Shoot the left to get to the upper play-field, where the gate is open. Shoot through the gate to claim your jackpots. At this moment, this hurry-up in in this mode. But it may end up being part of the Murder Ride mode which will be talked about later. This hurry-up is always active int his mode after beating Spaulding, and is inactive when the mode ends or fails.

I have beaten this mode (all main plus 2 subs) in one ball…. only once. So good luck!

Demonoid Phenomenon will be tomorrows overview. Side note, I did fix the ballsave, multiball, drain stuff. After spending several hours on it last night, I went to be only to realize the solution. 45 minutes after getting up in the AM, and it’s resolved. Usually how it works for me.

Since I ripped off the image it would only be fair to link back to where it came from. so get a shirt. I don’t get anything for this, just being nice 🙂

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  1. loving these details. I expect to be reading and re-reading these and subsequent updates over the years to come. I can definitely see telling guests as they drain and fail: “hey they never said it’d be an easy game, they’d said it’d be a *different* game”