Rob Zombie Pinball – Superbeast Overview

Sneak attack!!

Superbeast mode is the fifth main mode of six.

In this mode you are the beast trying to catch a girl in the woods. The DMD shows a first person view of you in the woods hunting a girl down. As you progress, you are shown weaving though the woods till you catch her.

The goal of this mode is to hit the center ramp 5 times without hitting any targets. Hitting pops is ok. If at any time you shoot the left orbit and you are able to fall into the secret passage, you can insta-beat the mode with a “sneak attack”. Hitting the ramp resets the fail counter.

Beating Superbeast earns a 2 ball multiball (subject to change). In overtime, shoot the ramp to collect jackpots. Super jackpots are only enabled if you used the sneak attack. Shooting the inside left orbit earns the Super jackpots.

More goodies will need to be added to this mode as it feels kinda empty the way it is.

Interesting side story about this mode, the original videos depicting the beast/girl chase was a 2d side view. The beast was in the middle with the girl on the left side with woods/fog scrolling in the background. This idea prompted the request for dual layers to be used in the Pinheck system.

Normal video is played at 30FPS. When you are using 2 layers, they are then run at 15 FPS. This dual layer system is used in the Dragula video mode.

The 2d side view stuff may come back, but in some other mode perhaps. You never know. Maybe I can use it to indicate how close you are to jackpot/superjackpots in Superbeast overtime mode. Perhaps hitting the targets you weren’t supposed to would get the beast closer and add to the jackpot. Better yet, maybe use the pops instead to advance the jackpots and beast.


Totally forgot about this. This mode has an infection mode. In fact all modes have it, but this one is on by default. There is a user setting to turn infection on or off for each mode. Infection mode is a way to stop people from replaying their favorite main mode over and over. What this means is, after you beat a mode and you play it again; if you fail the mode you go into infection mode.

Everything goes dark and a green heartbeat/pulse sound/light starts playing. The DMD will have an infection meter that goes from 0 – 100% . This is a timed (about 70 seconds) event where you have to hit 3 lit targets in a random order. If you fail to complete the infection mode, everything dies; forcing your ball to drain.

One twist to this mode, (it’s user settable) that is, your flippers are reversed.