Rob Zombie Pinball – Sub Modes and Extras

This should be the final post about the different modes in Rob Zombie Pinball. Warning, it’s kinda long winded.

The modes to be talked about will be, Living Dead Girl, 1000 Corpse, Skill shot, Murder Ride and Bonuses

Skill shot – After starting the game you will have a goal of destroying the robot. In order to destroy the robot, you have to hit the left upper sling into the right upper sling, then complete the motion by hitting any one of the pops. The skill shot will require a little plunger finesse. It’s possible to make, but will take a lot of trial and error to get just right.

Living Dead Girl – At the moment this mode does not stack, even though it was originally¬† supposed to. I really want to be careful with this because when you are in a main mode, they mostly have things that you can’t/shouldn’t hit and will fail you out. So more testing is needed.

LDG is started when not in any modes by hitting the top two coffin targets two times each. LDG music starts and now you have to hit those targets again 2 times each for 4 rounds.  Each round an extra ball is ejected till you get through all rounds. After the 3rd round jackpots are available via the center ramp. Draining your extra balls ends the mode.

1000 Corpse mode – This mode is also started outside of any other mode. Hit the drop down target 3 times, then shoot the inner loop 3 times. This might sound easy, you would be surprised. After activating this mode, the House of 1000Corpse song starts playing and the DMD will show an infinite hallway of skeletons.

In this mode you need to collect 1000 corpse. Each and every switch is worth one corpse. Hitting the top right targets to the right of pop bumper will increase the corpse multiplier.

This is where things change when playing by yourself or in multiplayer. In single player mode, those top right targets increase the copse multiplier. In multiplayer mode, clearing both targets steals corpse from other players then applies a curse to everyone else.

If you are cursed, you’ll need to clear those targets to remove the curse then apply it to everyone else. Kind of like hot potato.

Here’s the catch. If you are cursed and you beat the mode without clearing those targets, the person who cursed you collects half your jackpot.

Murder Ride –¬† Murder Ride can be done at any time by hitting the center target to the left of the center ramp. You will begin spelling “GEIN”, “FISH”, “SATAN”. After you complete spelling each name, you are directed to hit the right inner orbit switch, collecting the killers card you just spelled. Collect as many cards as you can, they will be added up during EOB.

Bonuses – There is a switch in front of the boombox that will increase an EOB bonus up to 10x. Hitting the rattle switch on the right side of the drop target gets you points multiplied by the bonus multiplier. The rattle switch also modifies certain things about each main mode you play. I’ll leave that to the players to figure out what its doing. Bonuses could be a time modified or score modifier.