Rob Zombie Pinball – Demonoid Phenomenon Overview


Demonoid Phenomenon is the forth main game mode of six. In this mode the goal is to light up all the target/switch lights. There isn’t really anything extra in this mode like in What, Dragula or Dead City only because you’ll be too busy making sure you don’t drain.

When the mode starts, all inserts that have a switch next to it starts to pulse, except for the in/out lanes. Your job is to hit everything to light up the whole field. This includes the upper play-field. The only saving grace on this mode is you get time added with each switch hit, you’ll need it.

Don’t confuse this with how corpse mode works. There are only 17 switches that need to be hit. Unlike corpse mode where you need 1000 from anywhere.

This mode may end up being one of the few that can/will stack with Living Dead Girl sub-mode.

Probably the only real notable feature in this mode is the boobies in adult mode. Don’ let the boobies distract you, its not worth it really. Otherwise, forget about any wizard mode!

EDIT** – There was something I missed, this mode has an add a ball feature. In overtime, ever 20 seconds the add a ball light will blink. Hit the switch to add a ball. Max of 4 balls on the play field.

This mode is restart-able. You are not force to rehit what you already lit up so that helps a bit. In overtime, this is a 2 ball multiball (subject to change). The field will reset, light everything up again to add to the jackpot, then claim up the center ramp.

Next mode overview will be Superbeast!!