Rob Zombie Pinball – Dead City overview

“It just tastes so damn good!!”

I’m in the middle of reworking the drain/ballsave/multiball stuff. With the new trough being used, I have to use the last switch as the “drain switch”. You would think it would be easy, but there’s a lot of stuff going on and you have to account for reasons why the drain switch gets hit when it’s not really a drain. This was working ok for sometime, but I needed to change something around to allow the ball save to stay active for 30 seconds for corpse mode.


I did say I would post an overview about Dead City mode, so here we go.

Like every other main mode, this mode is select-able once you take the left orbit and land in the VUK (can’t be in any other mode). Once the mode starts you are instructed to hit the targets in a specific order. The three targets are as follows.

Left target – under boombox
Center target – just to left of center ramp
Right target – the extra/add a ball target just over the outer lanes.

You hit the left, center, right in that order. Hitting them out of order resets targets. You have 3 chances. You will notice each of those targets represents a character. Chicken, Bigfoot, Monkey. Shooting the center ramp will give back a fail count.

Once you complete the mode you can hit those targets again, BUT in ANY order you want. This is a 2 ball multiball. Depending on which one you hit first, completing the other 2 targets collects that character. If you clear the top right two targets to the right of the upper right pop bumper, you will earn “Godzilla” Rob and Sheri’s dog.

Collecting characters adds to the jackpot as well as the usual LDG targets. Shoot the center ramp to collect jackpots. Super jackpots are working, so you collect a jackpot 3 times.. 4th is super. collect 4 times, the 5th is super. So on and so forth.

Like in Dragula, this has an extra feature. If you collect the chicken, you are instructed to take the left orbit. Hit the chicken switch and you deep fry some chicken and get 250k times the amount of  balls in play.

“Overtime” ends when you are left with one ball.

The next mode overview will be What! This and remaining modes are a bit more involving so keep an eye out. Looking for another overview tomorrow.

4 Comments on “Rob Zombie Pinball – Dead City overview

  1. drain stuff is figured out now!! corpse mode will last a bit longer now. This should give players a fighting chance to beat that mode.

  2. for “drain” switches a common addition is to add redundancy by using outlane switches. This also speeds up gameplay, as when you roll over an out lane switch but “ball save” is active, then a fresh ball is ejected to shooter lane (i.e. dont have to wait for trough drain switch)

    • I had already considered this and actually implemented that months ago, but took it out due to other issues. I may put it back in now that I have other ideas about how to fix all this.

      • great stuff and thanks for the reply! Looking forward to playing the game this Sat. Make sure Charlie has the newest code 😉