The FawzmaGames store is almost ready…

The store is just about ready. I will reveal the address as soon as I start getting inventory in. I do not want to take mass orders before the main piece I need gets in. I will be… Read More

RZ Apron Mod Info

I am in the process of gathering an interest list for the RZ Apron Mod. As of 5/21/2017 I have all parts here to build 4 mods, with the exception of the apron itself. This part needs a… Read More

Domino’s Pinball Rules

Revised rules for next version. Total rewrite. Domino’s Rules (NEW) Make Pizza – 3.. 4.. 5.. Qualify by shooting outer orbit. This also advances the jackpot in MB Lost Topping – 3.. 4.. 5.. Qualify by shooting noid… Read More

Fixing Raspberry Pi 3 SSH

From “Edit the two configuration files for the Raspberry Pi: /etc/ssh/ssh_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config And add the following line to the bottom of the configuration file: IPQoS 0x00 And restart sshd (sudo service sshd restart).”

Rob Zombie Pinball – Sub Modes and Extras

This should be the final post about the different modes in Rob Zombie Pinball. Warning, it’s kinda long winded. The modes to be talked about will be, Living Dead Girl, 1000 Corpse, Skill shot, Murder Ride and Bonuses… Read More

Rob Zombie Pinball – American Witch Overview

American Witch is the last of 6 main modes. There are sub modes to talk about still and those will be talked about in another  post. As usual, start the mode by getting into the left orbit VUK…. Read More

December 19, 2015 | Bizarro!

By Dan Piraro Source: December 19, 2015 | Bizarro!

Rob Zombie Pinball Machine On Sale, Gameplay Video Available

Production on the machines is scheduled to begin in February 2016 from Spooky Pinball. There will be 250 units available for $5995 and 50 units at $6495 which will feature different back glass and side armor. The turnaround… Read More

Arcade Heroes Pinball: No Good Gofers Color; Rob Zombie Pinball in Action – Arcade Heroes

Rob Zombie Play – A few days ago the upcoming Rob Zombie’s International Spookshow Pinball was unveiled in a trailer and now here is a video that shows several minutes of the game being played. This should provide… Read More

Spooky Pinball’s Rob Zombie Flipper Game Ships In February | Articles | Vending Features | Vending Times Inc.

BENTON, WI — Boutique flipper game maker Spooky Pinball LLC has announced the upcoming release of its Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International. The pinball machine, according to the Benton, WI-based company’s website, will begin shipping in February. It’s the… Read More