Rob Zombie Pinball – Superbeast Overview

Sneak attack!! Superbeast mode is the fifth main mode of six. In this mode you are the beast trying to catch a girl in the woods. The DMD shows a first person view of you in the woods… Read More

Rob Zombie Pinball – Demonoid Phenomenon Overview

“HIT EVERYTHING” Demonoid Phenomenon is the forth main game mode of six. In this mode the goal is to light up all the target/switch lights. There isn’t really anything extra in this mode like in What, Dragula or… Read More

Rob Zombie Pinball – What! mode overview

“Get your ass to Red Hot P@#$% Liquors” Tonight’s overview is What! mode. This is another main select-able mode. Shooting left orbit into the VUK, What! is the third main mode of five. Currently What! has two side… Read More

Rob Zombie Pinball – Dead City overview

“It just tastes so damn good!!” I’m in the middle of reworking the drain/ballsave/multiball stuff. With the new trough being used, I have to use the last switch as the “drain switch”. You would think it would be… Read More

Rob Zombie Pinball update + Dragula Mode rules

Dragula has been cleaned up. While testing the video mode/jackpot option wasn’t acting right. After completing the base mode (spelling Dragula running the center ramp), you get 2 options. Shoot left orbit to start Dragula video mode, or… Read More