The FawzmaGames store is almost ready…

The store is just about ready. I will reveal the address as soon as I start getting inventory in. I do not want to take mass orders before the main piece I need gets in.

I will be focused on the apron mod along with side projects that result for needing to make my own parts.

Stay tuned!!

RZ Apron Mod Info

I am in the process of gathering an interest list for the RZ Apron Mod. As of 5/21/2017 I have all parts here to build 4 mods, with the exception of the apron itself. This part needs a slight update to move graphics around so the bezel doesn’t overlap anything.

I’ll be at SFGE this year, those that will be at the show and would like the Mod, I’ll have a few on hand.

Signing up below to receive updated info on availability.

Domino’s Pinball Rules

Revised rules for next version. Total rewrite.

Domino’s Rules (NEW)

Make Pizza – 3.. 4.. 5.. Qualify by shooting outer orbit. This also advances the jackpot in MB
Lost Topping – 3.. 4.. 5.. Qualify by shooting noid orbit. When in (right side) MB, one of the switches is the super jackpot. This location changed after collecting.
Pizza Dispatch – 3.. 4.. 5.. Qualify by shooting center ramp. This also advances the jackpot. After a qualify or requalify the spinner value multiplier is increased up to 5x.
Mega Week – Qualify by shooting right target bank in any order. When in (right side) MB, one of the targets will blink. This is another Super Jackpot, and changes location after collection.

After mode is qualified, score for that switch multiply by how many times you “requalify” (up to 5x). Once MB starts your switches are locked into your multiplier values. Resetting after MB.

Example: you shoot outer orbit 3 times to get “Make The Pizza” available.. If you don’t start the MB.. outer orbit switched are worth X times 2. shooting those orbits again but 4 times increases the switch value to X times 3.. Shoot orbit 5 more times, they are now worth X times 4. Up to 5x. This goes for other mode qualifications as well.

Any time a right side mode is qualified for, you can shoot the pizza scoop to start that mode. If you are already in MB and mode was not qualified, you can qualify while in MB, increasing base jackpot value.

If more than one mode is qualified and you shoot the scoop. MB jackpot is multiplied by however many modes are qualified. When in MB, jackpots are increased by switch amount (up to 5x related to the requalify rule). Collect the jackpot from the pizza ramp. If jackpot is collected before it was advanced, jackpot resets but it lower than before. This is to prevent spamming jackpots.

If you collect all the modes again while in MB, a center shot hurry up is available. With a countdown of 15 seconds. As time goes down, so does the jackpot.

Modes are not considered complete until you start the MB.

Career Modes

Load up pops to qualify each of the career modes. After 4 have been loaded up, pops need to add 5 to the beginning of base start value to get the first mode lit on next round. You can start a career at any time, but loading all the way will max out the JP value.

Driver – Round 1 (5 pops) / Round 2 (10) / Round 3(15)…
MB – left obit, hit pops to advance JP
Manager – Round 1(@10 pops) / Round 2(15) / Round 3(20)…
MB – Noid orbit to advance JP
Franchisee – Round 1(@15 pops) / Round 2(20) / Round 3(25)…
MB – center ramp to advance JP
Gold Franny – Round 1(@20 pops) / Round 2(25) / Round 3(30)…
MB – Right orbit to advance JP

Example of flow: In normal play you shoot pops 5 times.. Driver pulses and indicates it can be started. Keep shooting the pops to get to 10, then Driver and Manager pulse.. Get all the way to 20 and now you have 4 left mode pulsing.. Shoot left scoop to start MB. JP are now at 4x. When mode is over, those modes that were pulsing are now solid. Now those pops are inround 2.. Get driver pulsing by hitting pops 10 times.. And get all 4 left modes pulsing at 25 pops..

If all 4 modes are qualified, you get 3 ball MB instead of 2.

For each mode lit before starting MB, pop switch amount is multiplied by modes lit

Same as right side modes, depending on how many modes are lit, Jackpot multiplied by that many modes. If jackpot is collected before it was advanced, jackpot resets but it lower than before. This is to prevent spamming jackpots.

Starting career modes is done by shooting left scoop.

Modes are not considered complete until you start the MB.

Pizza Maker (Sub Wizard Mode)

When the bottom 8 modes are complete this mode becomes available. Round 1

Global Conquest (Sub Wizard Mode)

When the bottom 8 modes are complete this mode becomes available. Round 2

Pizza Wars (Wizard Mode)

All modes must be complete, including Handle Rush and Noid battle, then this mode becomes available.

Right Targets

Used to qualify Mega Week. Each time its qualified, Mystery award if activated and collected off left scoop.

Noid Battle

This can now be opened at any time and progress is kept throughout all balls. Bash down the targets, then hit noid 2.. 3.. 4.. Times to collect reward.. Rinse repeat

Handle Rush

For time being keep this separate from all other modes and can only go ino MB when not already in MB. I may combine this with the right side modes for a 5x JP multiplier.

Locks will start at 3…4… 5… etc..


Just used to multiply EOB, OER switches are worth (base value * OER bonus).

Coke Integration

Coke goes into a cup. Bubbles fizz away revealing the match.

Fixing Raspberry Pi 3 SSH


“Edit the two configuration files for the Raspberry Pi:


And add the following line to the bottom of the configuration file:

IPQoS 0x00

And restart sshd (sudo service sshd restart).”

Rob Zombie Pinball – Sub Modes and Extras

This should be the final post about the different modes in Rob Zombie Pinball. Warning, it’s kinda long winded.

The modes to be talked about will be, Living Dead Girl, 1000 Corpse, Skill shot, Murder Ride and Bonuses

Skill shot – After starting the game you will have a goal of destroying the robot. In order to destroy the robot, you have to hit the left upper sling into the right upper sling, then complete the motion by hitting any one of the pops. The skill shot will require a little plunger finesse. It’s possible to make, but will take a lot of trial and error to get just right.

Living Dead Girl – At the moment this mode does not stack, even though it was originally  supposed to. I really want to be careful with this because when you are in a main mode, they mostly have things that you can’t/shouldn’t hit and will fail you out. So more testing is needed.

LDG is started when not in any modes by hitting the top two coffin targets two times each. LDG music starts and now you have to hit those targets again 2 times each for 4 rounds.  Each round an extra ball is ejected till you get through all rounds. After the 3rd round jackpots are available via the center ramp. Draining your extra balls ends the mode.

1000 Corpse mode – This mode is also started outside of any other mode. Hit the drop down target 3 times, then shoot the inner loop 3 times. This might sound easy, you would be surprised. After activating this mode, the House of 1000Corpse song starts playing and the DMD will show an infinite hallway of skeletons.

In this mode you need to collect 1000 corpse. Each and every switch is worth one corpse. Hitting the top right targets to the right of pop bumper will increase the corpse multiplier.

This is where things change when playing by yourself or in multiplayer. In single player mode, those top right targets increase the copse multiplier. In multiplayer mode, clearing both targets steals corpse from other players then applies a curse to everyone else.

If you are cursed, you’ll need to clear those targets to remove the curse then apply it to everyone else. Kind of like hot potato.

Here’s the catch. If you are cursed and you beat the mode without clearing those targets, the person who cursed you collects half your jackpot.

Murder Ride –  Murder Ride can be done at any time by hitting the center target to the left of the center ramp. You will begin spelling “GEIN”, “FISH”, “SATAN”. After you complete spelling each name, you are directed to hit the right inner orbit switch, collecting the killers card you just spelled. Collect as many cards as you can, they will be added up during EOB.

Bonuses – There is a switch in front of the boombox that will increase an EOB bonus up to 10x. Hitting the rattle switch on the right side of the drop target gets you points multiplied by the bonus multiplier. The rattle switch also modifies certain things about each main mode you play. I’ll leave that to the players to figure out what its doing. Bonuses could be a time modified or score modifier.

Rob Zombie Pinball – American Witch Overview

American Witch is the last of 6 main modes. There are sub modes to talk about still and those will be talked about in another  post.

As usual, start the mode by getting into the left orbit VUK.

The ball kicks out and you now have to complete a three “phase” shot. Left orbit one time, center ramp 3 times, right orbit once.

It’s that simple, or is it?

After completing each step you’ll go into a multiball. Shooting center ramp and right orbit earns jackpots. At some point I’ll need to add some more depth to this, but for now the mode works.

In adult mode the “DMD” will have a barely naked dancing witch, while in family mode a dancing cat. Both depicted in the feature image on this post.

Rob Zombie Pinball – Superbeast Overview

Sneak attack!!

Superbeast mode is the fifth main mode of six.

In this mode you are the beast trying to catch a girl in the woods. The DMD shows a first person view of you in the woods hunting a girl down. As you progress, you are shown weaving though the woods till you catch her.

The goal of this mode is to hit the center ramp 5 times without hitting any targets. Hitting pops is ok. If at any time you shoot the left orbit and you are able to fall into the secret passage, you can insta-beat the mode with a “sneak attack”. Hitting the ramp resets the fail counter.

Beating Superbeast earns a 2 ball multiball (subject to change). In overtime, shoot the ramp to collect jackpots. Super jackpots are only enabled if you used the sneak attack. Shooting the inside left orbit earns the Super jackpots.

More goodies will need to be added to this mode as it feels kinda empty the way it is.

Interesting side story about this mode, the original videos depicting the beast/girl chase was a 2d side view. The beast was in the middle with the girl on the left side with woods/fog scrolling in the background. This idea prompted the request for dual layers to be used in the Pinheck system.

Normal video is played at 30FPS. When you are using 2 layers, they are then run at 15 FPS. This dual layer system is used in the Dragula video mode.

The 2d side view stuff may come back, but in some other mode perhaps. You never know. Maybe I can use it to indicate how close you are to jackpot/superjackpots in Superbeast overtime mode. Perhaps hitting the targets you weren’t supposed to would get the beast closer and add to the jackpot. Better yet, maybe use the pops instead to advance the jackpots and beast.


Totally forgot about this. This mode has an infection mode. In fact all modes have it, but this one is on by default. There is a user setting to turn infection on or off for each mode. Infection mode is a way to stop people from replaying their favorite main mode over and over. What this means is, after you beat a mode and you play it again; if you fail the mode you go into infection mode.

Everything goes dark and a green heartbeat/pulse sound/light starts playing. The DMD will have an infection meter that goes from 0 – 100% . This is a timed (about 70 seconds) event where you have to hit 3 lit targets in a random order. If you fail to complete the infection mode, everything dies; forcing your ball to drain.

One twist to this mode, (it’s user settable) that is, your flippers are reversed.

Rob Zombie Pinball – Demonoid Phenomenon Overview


Demonoid Phenomenon is the forth main game mode of six. In this mode the goal is to light up all the target/switch lights. There isn’t really anything extra in this mode like in What, Dragula or Dead City only because you’ll be too busy making sure you don’t drain.

When the mode starts, all inserts that have a switch next to it starts to pulse, except for the in/out lanes. Your job is to hit everything to light up the whole field. This includes the upper play-field. The only saving grace on this mode is you get time added with each switch hit, you’ll need it.

Don’t confuse this with how corpse mode works. There are only 17 switches that need to be hit. Unlike corpse mode where you need 1000 from anywhere.

This mode may end up being one of the few that can/will stack with Living Dead Girl sub-mode.

Probably the only real notable feature in this mode is the boobies in adult mode. Don’ let the boobies distract you, its not worth it really. Otherwise, forget about any wizard mode!

EDIT** – There was something I missed, this mode has an add a ball feature. In overtime, ever 20 seconds the add a ball light will blink. Hit the switch to add a ball. Max of 4 balls on the play field.

This mode is restart-able. You are not force to rehit what you already lit up so that helps a bit. In overtime, this is a 2 ball multiball (subject to change). The field will reset, light everything up again to add to the jackpot, then claim up the center ramp.

Next mode overview will be Superbeast!!

Rob Zombie Pinball – What! mode overview

“Get your ass to Red Hot P@#$% Liquors”

Tonight’s overview is What! mode. This is another main select-able mode. Shooting left orbit into the VUK, What! is the third main mode of five. Currently What! has two side modes to complete. RHPL and the Captain Spaulding hurry-up. Each with their own inserts.

Once the mode starts you are now playing in the upper play-field. This isn’t as easy as you would think. Even the original version with lane guides (which I still have), you can still fail this mode. With the removal of the lane guides, its a bit harder.

Your screen has 3 buckets of chicken on the left and 3 gas cans on the right that are greyed out. You have to complete the lanes 3 times. You are then taunted by Spaulding, which you’ll need to bash him 3 times. Progressively getting hard each time you beat the mode. Bash him three times, then shoot the gate. Drop out of the upper play-field and into the secret passage area to claim a quick jackpot and beat the mode. Exiting the upper play-field prior to beating this mode, fails the mode. So you’ll need to restart it.

Coming out of the inner right orbit two more modes are active. RHPL and the Spaulding hurry up.

Shoot the right orbit to complete RHPL. You get 20 seconds to complete it. Shoot the center ramp to put 20 seconds back on the clock. Once your time runs out, you need to complete What! again to reactivate.

Spaulding hurry-up is the left orbit. Shoot the left to get to the upper play-field, where the gate is open. Shoot through the gate to claim your jackpots. At this moment, this hurry-up in in this mode. But it may end up being part of the Murder Ride mode which will be talked about later. This hurry-up is always active int his mode after beating Spaulding, and is inactive when the mode ends or fails.

I have beaten this mode (all main plus 2 subs) in one ball…. only once. So good luck!

Demonoid Phenomenon will be tomorrows overview. Side note, I did fix the ballsave, multiball, drain stuff. After spending several hours on it last night, I went to be only to realize the solution. 45 minutes after getting up in the AM, and it’s resolved. Usually how it works for me.

Since I ripped off the image it would only be fair to link back to where it came from. so get a shirt. I don’t get anything for this, just being nice 🙂

Get a shirt I guess

Rob Zombie Pinball – Dead City overview

“It just tastes so damn good!!”

I’m in the middle of reworking the drain/ballsave/multiball stuff. With the new trough being used, I have to use the last switch as the “drain switch”. You would think it would be easy, but there’s a lot of stuff going on and you have to account for reasons why the drain switch gets hit when it’s not really a drain. This was working ok for sometime, but I needed to change something around to allow the ball save to stay active for 30 seconds for corpse mode.


I did say I would post an overview about Dead City mode, so here we go.

Like every other main mode, this mode is select-able once you take the left orbit and land in the VUK (can’t be in any other mode). Once the mode starts you are instructed to hit the targets in a specific order. The three targets are as follows.

Left target – under boombox
Center target – just to left of center ramp
Right target – the extra/add a ball target just over the outer lanes.

You hit the left, center, right in that order. Hitting them out of order resets targets. You have 3 chances. You will notice each of those targets represents a character. Chicken, Bigfoot, Monkey. Shooting the center ramp will give back a fail count.

Once you complete the mode you can hit those targets again, BUT in ANY order you want. This is a 2 ball multiball. Depending on which one you hit first, completing the other 2 targets collects that character. If you clear the top right two targets to the right of the upper right pop bumper, you will earn “Godzilla” Rob and Sheri’s dog.

Collecting characters adds to the jackpot as well as the usual LDG targets. Shoot the center ramp to collect jackpots. Super jackpots are working, so you collect a jackpot 3 times.. 4th is super. collect 4 times, the 5th is super. So on and so forth.

Like in Dragula, this has an extra feature. If you collect the chicken, you are instructed to take the left orbit. Hit the chicken switch and you deep fry some chicken and get 250k times the amount of  balls in play.

“Overtime” ends when you are left with one ball.

The next mode overview will be What! This and remaining modes are a bit more involving so keep an eye out. Looking for another overview tomorrow.