Apron Mod installation Guide

Apron Replacement

Serial Cable

This is the USB Serial cable adapter. This is a modified version that has been retrofitted with solderless header pins. There are 3 wires used in this system. TX/RX (white and green wires) and GND (black wire). The pin by itself (black) when plugged in, is at the bottom of the other two pin.

This is the section where the serial cable will plug in. There are 3 sections. We are only interested in the middle section. The adapter was designed to fit next to the Knocker plug.


This is a closeup of the board section and where each pin will be inserted. 1 – blackĀ  2 – green 3 – white

Please note that in this step it is helpful to have a lighted magnifying glass or use your cellphone in video mode to see whats going on better.

Line up the black single pin to the bottom hole of the middle section of header holes, but do not push in yet. Use the bottom pin as a pivot to guide the other two pins to line up. When all pins are lined up, use even pressure across all pins and press into place. It will be a snug fit, but this gives maximum pressure and contact area for error free data transmission.