DinkyPop 1.2 available now!

DinkyPop 1.2 has been released today. A couple bug fixes, 3 sound tracks and a few more sound fx added this time around. DinkyPop 1.2 Thanks to OpenGameArt.org for The Rush FoxSynergy for Never Stop Running (8-Bit) WrathGames Studio for Thumper 128    

DinkyPop now available!

Welcome to DinkyPop! DinkyPop is a super simple ball popping experience! All you do its pick your balls and drop them. Depending on the ball you pick, each one has its own unique properties. How to play Pick a ball you want to use. Look for a time where you think you can catch the Read More

Fawzma Cocos2d Scene Editor

I have release a scene/layer editor I’ve been working on as open source. Enjoy! I’d also like to call this a generic 2d scene editor, since the saved project file is in a flat file format and can be used in other scene engines. Get it on Github Fawzma Cocos2d Scene Editor